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Welcome to the GW Residence Hall Association.

About Us

Our organization was created to support and improve residence life at the George Washington University through advocacy and community building, or as we like to say it, making every hall a home. We combine student leaders from every residence hall on campus to help better our community while allowing our members to grow their leadership skills.

GW Residence Hall Association Resources

In addition to residence hall specific advocacy and programming, we also have instituted many programs that are available for GW's entire campus to use. From our various rental programs to campus-wide events, we elevate student concerns in order to make an impact in residence life. Below are just some of the programs we have available to GW residents.


Is your student organization hosting a really cool event and wants to bring it to the next level? Check out RHA Supplies that are available for rental! We have a ton of items that can help make your event even better! Pricing on machine rentals is dependent on SA funding allocations. 

RHA Eboard and RHA Council members put on events to continue the value of making a Hall a home. These events can span from gathering students to do volunteer work to important cause initiatives all the way to fun movie nights in different Halls. We also partner with other organizations on campus and have joint events. Email if your organization is interested in a joint event! 

Has your student organization not received enough funding for the year and needs extra help? RHA understands this and wants to help give extra funding to student organizations looking to make an impact on the community. Fill out the application so RHA can learn more about your organization and how we can help!

Contact Us!

2125 F St. NW

Lower Level Office
Washington, DC 20052

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