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RHA Donation Bin Policy

The George Washington University Residence Hall Association does not endorse and is not responsible for any donation/collection bins that outside organizations, grounds, and/or residents put in residence halls on campus. In accordance to the Residential Community Conduct Guidelines, Article 4, Section 1, "Soliciting and selling in residential facilities owned/managed by GW Housing is strictly forbidden. Residents are not allowed to conduct private businesses or to use residential facility amenities for this purpose. Residents engaged in such activities will be subject to disciplinary action.

Regardless of the cause or organization, RHA will not assist with campus-wide or hall specific donation/collection bins for liability reasons. While RHA believes many donation/collection bins initiatives have had great merit, there are often logistical issues such as inconsistent pick ups, lack of security, and insufficient advertising. Student organizations and/or residents may still utilize donation/collection bins as long as the intentions of said initiatives adhere to University policies. However, RHA and specific hall councils are not responsible for the security or management of said donation/collection bins. GW Housing, in accordance with RHA’s policies, will likely further not endorse and is not responsible for any donation/collection bins that outside organizations and/or residents put in residence halls on campus.

RHA does encourage student organizations to co-host programs with individual hall councils throughout campus to promote their own initiatives, as long as said initiatives relate to residence hall life. These programs are not allowed to serve as fundraisers for the organizations, but can be used as an opportunity to advertise current or future programs. If an organization has any questions about programming or advocacy with hall councils, RHA encourages you to reach out to the current Executive Vice President (for advocacy initiatives) and/or the current Director of Programming (for programming initiatives) here.

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